The ten best food and drinks of Le Marche

Here we want to propose you the 10 Best Food and Drink of Le Marche, a mini guide to those things you don't have to miss to taste once you get there (here). Click on www for extra infos. Hope you enjoy it.

  • Vincisgrassi - Vincisgrassi has been described as the best pasta dish ever eaten and represent a sort of Le Marche version of Lasagna but with truffles - www
  • Visner - The Marche region tradition of aromatizing wine is an ancient tradition. The basic ingredient for vino di visciole is sour cherry (visciola), an ancient wild cherry species (Prunus cerasus), a deep dark red and slightly sour cherry. www
  • Ciabuscolo - Ciauscolo (or ciabuscolo or ciavuscolo) is one of the most unusual Italian salamis. The secrets to this delightful sausage have been preserved for centuries. It is produced only in the Marche region. The Ciauscolo is favoured by gourmets “in the know” because it has the consistency of pate; soft and moist, and can be spread easily on bread. It has a pale red colour and a delicately spicy taste. www  www
  • Maccheroncini di Campofilone - Campofilone is a small town of Le Marche. Campofilone is well-known in all of the best restaurants of the world, known for its pasta, for its “maccheroncini”. The origins of this pasta go back to the ancient art of making egg-dough pasta by hand, in the home, a common practice of every woman in households of the past. But these maccheroncini have a special feature: they are made from only eggs and wheat flour, without the addition of water. To be even more precise, the proportions are ten eggs per kilo of flour. www   www
  • Olive all'Ascolana - The fried stuffed olives Ascolana style are for sure the most traditional dish of the Marches, appreciated and well-known all over the world. This ancient recipe was created at the end of the 19th century. www
  • Verdicchio - While the best-known white wine of the Marche is the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, the lesser-known Verdicchio di Matelica often has a more decisive character. V. Di Matelica www - V. Dei Castelli di Jesi - www
  • Brodetto di Pesce  - Brodetto" (literally translated in 'little broth') is a local fish stew, prepared in a unique way and utilizing the local super-fresh 'catch of the day' from the Fano harbour... Back to the fish shop. We bought squid (seppie), monkfish (coda di rospo or rana pescatrice), mullet (triglie), skate wings skinned (razza), shrimps (gamberi), mantis shrimp (canocchie or pannocchie), mussels (cozze), clams (vongole). The fish was thoroughly cleaned, scaled and be-boned for us in a few minutes. www
  • Coniglio in Porchetta - Rabbit in porchetta. According to the bible, the "boned rabbit is stuffed with prosciutto cotto, pancetta, and salami, garnished with wild fennel sauce, and cooked in the oven." In general, stuffed rabbit is also popular. The stuffing is prepared with veal, mortadella, grated cheese, and breadcrumbs mixed with the rabbit's liver and heart. Nutmeg, cloves, and other spices are also added. www
  • Moretta di Fano - A caffè corretto, a shot of espresso coffee cut with strong liquor, is an invigorating staple in bars across Italy, but at Fano in the northern Marche it reaches an art form with the local moretta. This potent cocktail is a blend of three spirits - aniseed-based anice, rum and brandy - sugar and a twist of lemon peel, topped up with strong, hot coffee. It should be prepared with care to keep three layers - the spirits, the coffee and the fine foam on top - and is always served in a small, clear glass. The drink is said to originate amongst the fishermen and sailors at the port of Fano to keep them warm at work. www
  • Anisetta Meletti - Silvio Meletti from Ascoli Piceno developed a process that combined the slow evaporation of alcohol and the highest quality local aniseeds to create a liqueur with a delicate flavor and wonderful aroma. The resulting drink was named after the man who created it as well as its main ingredient: Anisetta Meletti. www

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